Aiko Klostermann

Hi, 👋

I am Aiko.

Software engineer and Keynote speaker.

This website is a collection of my thoughts on various topics related to software development in form of blog posts and conference talks.

Feel free to leave feedback in form of comments or reach out to me via email.


IntelliJ Live Template for console.log

A handy shortcut for one of our most common tasks We’ve all been there. Our code is not behaving like we hoped it would and it’s not obvious why. The easiest and fastest way to get a clue for what...

Testing Angular Components With @Input()

When developing an Angular (read Angular 5 or Angular 6, or whatever the current version is when you read this) component that takes an input, you might decide to unit test the whole component. At ...

[Talk] Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural networks

If you follow the news in the field of technology, you will come across Artificial Neural Networks eventually, often times in relation to what was thought to be impossible just a decade ago. ...

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Google Analytics This website uses Google Analytics. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts. I do this to better understand the readers of this blog so that I can create ...

Hello World

Hi, I am Aiko. Software engineer, Consultant and Keynote speaker. Like many others before I now have my own website, or “Homepage” as we used to say in the 2000s. So far there’s nothing really ...